Thursday, February 13, 2014

Anti Valentines Day Conversation Heart Cookies

Hey there don't let being bitter an alone on Valentines Day, keep you from having a good time!! Actually I just love, love , love conversation hearts, I think they are so cute and so tasty  ( I do like the original flavors better). Then I saw this video by SweetAmbsCookies, who is just amazing by the way, I could watch her videos  for hours.  So I decided to make my own ( decidedly less talented, but more negative ) version .

So I am not going to put a whole recipe because  this was my first time using royal Icing, but  I will put links to where I got my ideas and I will tell you what I did differently. 

I am not  much of a baker, so I used a cookie mix. what is up with cookie mix by the way!?! you gatta add eggs and butter to that shit still what exactly is in the package?!?
any way.......

My stepmom made me this heart shaped cookie cutter out of a tree. ( the hard part is going to be putting it back in to a tree shape at Christmas!) it worked really well actually.

"Bite me" "Restraining Order" "#@$&!"

I did freeze the dough after I cut it out before putting it in the oven, and it held its shape fairly well.

"it's not me, its you" " friend zone" "creeper" "future ex"
I ground up actual Candy Hearts and added them to my royal icing. which added really nice color and flavor, I hardly used any food color.
My followers are the sexy
Then I thinned out my icing so I could dip the cookie instead of piping them .
"don't tell" "nerd!!" " ...uh no"
It was a little hard to get the consistency right, but once I got it, icing the cookies was pretty easy.
"i have mace" Platonic 4 eva" "have you seen my blog?"
Then after drying over night there was the fun of writing on them! with a edible marker.
Well I hope Everyone enjoys this post, and has a wonderful Valentines day!!! I am taking all these bad boys to work!!!

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